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I will help you identify your next career or personal growth objective and the key steps to get there.  I will provide the critical questions and provide practical resources to help you learn from your experiences, to really evaluate what you want going forward and all important outcomes you need to consider to take the leap.  I will help you make the most of this unexpected life detour, more clearly lay out the journey to help you live your best life. 


Desire for Wendy Champions

In today’s divisive climate, people have grown tired of feeling limited to whatever boxes society has long told them they must live in. From individuals to groups, personally and professionally, a common call from many [women] has swelled into a collective voice that speaks to a desire for something Wendy champions: MORE.

   What We Do   


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Strategy & Planning -
Your Next


Whether you're trying to identify and prepare for your next career step or interested in pursuing an exciting new adventure, I can help you create the short and long term goals and establish the timeline and critical steps to getting there!

DestinationU Community 


Let our community be a part of your Significant Other Circle of support!  We will help each other navigate the unique chapter we're in with our kids grown (almost!), with possible changes within our established careers, and in prioritizing our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.  


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